The Navigator Fellowship

Alternative Roadmap’s Navigator Fellowship offers college students the opportunity to teach a social-emotional learning program to credit deficient and at-risk high school students. Serving as an instructor at our partner school sites throughout the greater Denver area, Navigators are instrumental in achieving AR’s vision of changing the ways student think about themselves and the world. Each Navigator co-teaches the class with another Navigator. Every AR class will have supervision from a licensed and certified teacher.

Benefits of Joining
⭐  Realistic job preview of teaching profession
⭐  Receive Trauma Informed Care training 

⭐  Acquire a minimum of 75 hours of teaching experience and training
⭐  Work with vulnerable and at-risk populations

⭐  Become a lifelong fellow
⭐  Receive Mandated Reporter training 


⭐  College student or recent graduate
⭐  Availability to work with students during the week in day time hours.

⭐  9 month commitment to work with AR
⭐  Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate others

⭐  Leadership experience and ability across a variety of settings
⭐ Excellent organizational ability including planning, prioritizing, and time management
⭐  Work with another Navigator and teach a minimum of an hour long class once a week
⭐  Use ICF coaching philosophies to engage student discussion and participation
⭐  Collect, organize and measure assignments, surveys and measured outcomes
⭐  Follow the curriculum and book while teaching Roadmappers

⭐  Arrive 15 minutes early to the school/organization location and stay 15 minutes after the class. 

⭐  Engage all students to foster an environment of inclusion and acceptance
The Application Process


The first round of the application process entails completing background information questions (contact information, education, relevant skills and experience), answering short-answer questions, providing the names and contact information of two references, and sending a resume.


In the second round of the application process, we require a submission of a 2-3 minute demo video lesson and corresponding sample lesson plan. We will provide 3-5 objectives to choose from and are looking for your ability to engage the camera and organize your ideas.


The final round of the application process is a video chat interview. During this round, we also require the submission of a reference form from a previous employer/manager, volunteer supervisor, or professor.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the deadline to apply for the Navigator Fellowship?
Our Fellowship runs year round and you can apply anytime.
When will I be contacted about my application?
We contact potential Navigators typically within 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours.
Am I eligible to apply if I’m not a U.S. citizen?
Yes, non-U.S. citizens are eligible to apply provided that you have a student visa and have completed at least one year of study in the U.S., or have a J-1 visa.
Are Navigators given preferences for which partner site they want to work at? Location?
Our biggest priority is matching our partners with the Navigators that will best fit their needs including the school culture, previous experience, and/or language specifications. That being said, AR does take into consideration Navigator’s preferences for audience and location throughout the selection process. If location is a pain point for you, please let our team know during the application process.
What is the compensation for Navigators?
Navigators are compensated $25 per class they teach. Each Navigator is paid monthly.
What is the length of the Fellowship?

Each AR class lasts 32 weeks (each class is 60-90 minutes) and is typically as long as a normal school year (August – May). Times and dates can vary depending on the school or organization. The Fellowship commitment is a minimum of 9 months.

How long is training?
Our initial training program is 15 hours, yet there is much more professional development that will come along throughout the course of the year.