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A new approach to empowerment

Not everyone has the same circumstances, but everyone has the same opportunity to choose their own path.

Our two curricula and books immerse participants (16-28 year olds) in their identities, strengths, and passions to discover their own roadmap. This enables them to take ownership over their own lives and to be more successful than society tells them they can be.

The Problem

Confusion, Uncertainty, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Negative Self-Image

1 in 5

Millennials suffer from depression/anxiety


of High School students feel unprepared for college or careers


Average Salary w/ High School Diploma


of Americans (over 25) do not have a college degree

The Solution

After completing our program, participants have seen increases in






Personal Awareness



The Alternative Roadmap program consists of a curriculum, book, student certification and training that enables any organization or school to give students the chance to choose their path. Each curricula consists of life coaching, life skills and career preparedness. Each students beliefs will be challenged, and they will be shown new perspectives. The books and curricula are written in millennial language to ensure student interaction and participation. The program is student driven and gives them the opportunity to take ownership over their own decisions. Our instructor training course solves a large issue that other programs face. Our training model teaches instructors how to use life coaching philosophies and best practices to engage each student and ensure effectiveness. Having properly trained, knowledgable and emotionally intelligent instructors, is just as important as the content that they are teaching.

Program Description: To promote a student’s growth in three areas: Social/Emotional, Academic, and Professional. The program instills instrumental character qualities, thereby allowing for personal discovery and growth. In addition, it incubates the student’s positive thought process and future trajectory. During the sessions, each student will ascertain a vivid image of an autonomous lifestyle and the practical skills to live and think independently. By the conclusion of the program, every student should have the competence to be a self-directed learner, a capable communicator, and a more qualified individual.


of students have increased overall attendance since joining our class

Students have participated in the class

Certified instructors


Student engagement

What our sessions look like

-16 total sessions: Each session is 60 minutes
Can be offered in 16, 12, 8, and 4 weeks

-Strengthen the students mental makeup through life coaching

-Get the student to identify a roadmap for their career and life

-Have a resume completed, LinkedIn and prepared for an interview

-Our curriculum follows our book
The Alternative Roadmap

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There are 4 steps we focus on to get our students to implement change and create a progressive mindset.

(Recognition) Understand they can be successful
(Knowledge) Receive the information to make a change
(Application) Take action on the learned knowledge
(Maintenance) Maintain this change over time

How our Roadmappers can be taught:

-Social Media
-After School Programs
-Housing Programs
-Any way you want!

Student interaction is our number one goal. Each time the class is taught, we are coaching the students on a few areas:

Build up the Student:

The first thing we address is the student themselves. We want them to understand how they think and why they do what they do. We get into the psychology of what makes them tick. Our mindset, vision and action trifecta allows students to have a roadmap for how they can succeed. We get our pupils to think critically with questions such as: Can you control your circumstances? If you control what you think, why do you worry about what you can’t?

Give them the tools:

Through our book, we offer students the necessary information to be ready for the job market, college and their lives. We give them ideas and helpful resources that help them plan for the future. From a resume builder to life coaching, we give them the help they need to be prepared for interviews and get that dream job. We have step by step instructions on how to prepare a resume, get dressed for an interview and go through an interview.


How are you thinking?

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Our first building block in our Trifecta. Without a clear mindset, you cannot execute what you need for long-term success. Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want. Most students are confused and insecure, which leads to a clouded mind. With the strength of social media in all of our lives it can be difficult to know what to believe in. We empower our pupils by having them understand their own mindset and that they are the only ones that can control it. Your mindset is your reality.


Can you picture it?

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After you understand your mindset, you can create a vision. Most students do not have a vision, especially ones that are approaching their last few years of high school without aspirations of attending college. To get these students to understand that they can be successful, we have them create a vision. We help them create this by helping them discover their passions and skill sets. After that, we teach them how to create short and long-term goals to attain their vision.



Will you do it?

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This is our last and most important part of our Trifecta. Without action, there is no result. The single largest problem whenever anyone wants to make a change is the lack of action. We teach our students how to take baby steps when taking action. It is scary at times to take action because of the risk involved. Risk and failure are issues that we teach our students to understand and overcome.

The Alternative Roadmap has been incredible for student engagement. This class has been able to get many of our less engaging students to participate. The energy that this program brings on a daily basis has not only changed the outlook of our students, but it has changed the energy of the school.

Tom Sweeney

Principal, SEEO (School of Extended Educational Options)

The Alternative Roadmap has been incredibly helpful to the single moms at Colorado Homeless Families. Our residents particularly appreciated the insight offered on mindset and short versus longterm thinking. We also received comments regarding the benefits of the engaging style of the group as well as the benefit of learning from others’ experiences. The moms with teenagers asked us to offer a group for their teens. We are very grateful for the opportunity to offer The Alternative Roadmap and are looking forward to offering it to more residents in the future. Thank you AR!

Karen Allen M.A.

Executive Director, Colorado Homeless Families

With lessons in risk assessment, time management, and positive association, The Alternative Roadmap helped the students of our dropout prevention program find new ways to see responsibility to reach their short and long term goals.

Pete Nguyen

Outreach Specialist/Apex Credit Recovery Trainer, Western High School ILC

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